Make Your Pet Look Beautiful and Confident

Hire us for show dog grooming services in Commerce, TX

If you want to wow the judges at your next dog show event, Fur Love Grooming, Boarding, and Daycare can prepare your pup to take the gold. We provide show dog grooming services in Commerce, TX. Our certified groomer can strategically trim your dog's fur to create a clean and professional appearance. We have experience working on large and small dogs alike, so we can complete any grooming job that we're faced with.

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Did you know?
A canine esthetician is someone who works with skin and coat issues of a dog. A dog has 3 skin layers; the epidermis or outermost layer, the dermis or middle layer, and hypodermis or subcutaneous or innermost layer. A canine esthetician works with the top part of the dermis and the epidermis layers. We use an variety of clays, herbs, essential oils, oils, balms, and other natural products the help the skin and coat. We can help dogs with allergies, coat thinning or loss, hot spots, itchy skin and coat, and many other skin and coat issues.

Helping your pet stay happy and healthy

Without regular trimming and bathing, your dog's coat can become matted and smelly. Fur Love Grooming, Boarding, and Daycare offers maintenance grooming services in Commerce, TX to keep your furry friend in excellent shape.

You can pick and choose from:

  • Nail clipping services
  • De-shedding services
  • Fur trimming services
  • Ear cleaning services
  • Canine esthetician services
  • Anal gland expression services
  • Bathing and conditioning services
  • Neutral-pH facial shampooing services

You'll appreciate that we work with top-of-the-line dog care products to ensure optimal results. We want what's best for your dog and it shows in our superior and affordable work.

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